What's Your Design Style?

What's Your Design Style?

Are you classic, minimalist or somewhere between? Take our quiz to find your design style and the perfect color palette to match.

What's Your Design Style?


Rustic yet sophisticated, your style combines weathered finishes and reclaimed wood with comfortable oversized furniture and layered textures. Using earthy colors, Farmhouse seamlessly melds cozy and sophisticated for a timeless, lived-in look.

AlabasterSW 7008


You’re a trendsetter who isn’t afraid to look back for design inspiration. From industrial metal tables to terrazzo flooring, your style includes an open-plan design with neutral colors and bold accents, incorporating all the latest elements.

Charcoal BlueSW 2739


You are always on the lookout for unique items to fill your home. All of your pieces have great stories behind them, and you love to share them with others. With vibrant gallery walls and bold colored pieces, you like a lively and engaging room that is a mix of colors and styles.

Mellow CoralSW 6324


Nothing speaks elegance to you more than a classic interior with time-honored furniture. Your style is polished and refined with clean, neutral colors and ornate décor. Your home exudes a warmth that puts guests at ease.

Individual WhiteSW 6008